A running list of things I want to accomplish.

Characters I want to design:

  • An African Serval, (perhaps for Fern‘s clan)
  • Clan members for my character Fern‘s clan. An Ocelot, A clouded leopard, a snow leopard,
  • A Snowy Owl gryphon,
  • A Saber toothed tiger/big cat,
  • A cheetah,
  • A jaguar
  • A tree kangaroo
  • A regular kangaroo

Characters I want to work on:

Things to do:

  • Write and illustrate a graphic novel/comic.
  • Learn to animate
  • Create an animated version of graphic novel/comic.

Completed Items:

  • Fern (redesign, revamp) Completed.
  • Finny (redesign, revamp) Completed.