Origin: Uncertain. There are no large concentrations of the Dragonkin race, so their origin has remained largely a mystery.
Ruler/s: No true “ruler”, but there are a few prominent figures within the race that could be seen vaguely as a “ruler”.
Faction: (TBD)
Class: ???
Population Size: ???
Allies: Very few and far between. Most of the Dragonkin keep to themselves for the most part.
Enemies: Anyone who threatens the Dragonkin’s hoard.
Strengths: Their scales provide a nearly impenetrable suit of armor, fire proof and heat proof.
Weaknesses: The Dragonkin are for the most part a power hungry race, causing a lot of conflict.

Goods: The Dragonkin generally do not create any goods, instead they are destructive and hoard treasure they steal from others.
Architecture: They do not create their own dwellings, instead they generally live in an enclosed place like a cave, mines, or other hidden underground location that is big enough to hold a creature as large as they are.
Locations: Wherever treasure can be found.
Lifespan: Unknown. Many hundreds of years, some are said to exceed 1000 years old according to some stories.
Health: Mostly healthy, no major health issues have been recorded.
Historical Events: (what big things have happened in the history of this race?)


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