This page will be turned into 2 pages similar to my other character profiles when there is more information about Rye’s parents. Currently, they are mostly a concept that I’m not sure about yet. I will release my ideas about them here on this page… I’ll probably add a gallery to the page showcasing the development here, too. I’m still 100% unsure if they will even play a very big role in the novel. They may well play a big role, I don’t know. I just want to have something in place should I decide to give them a role in the novel.

I want her father to be a longer haired version of her, maybe a bit more on the feline side of things, but perhaps just the same sort of ratios as she is… and her mother should be a shorter haired version, perhaps a more agile physique. Still figuring things out. Will update as I figure things out.

Links to things I am currently using as inspiration

Rye’s Dad

One , Two

Rye’s Mom

(nothing yet)