Age: Full Grown, experienced.
Gender: Male
Species: Cheetah Sub-Species
Race: Oasis Sprinter (A group of agile felines with vividly colored eyes, some with darker pelts, others with light pelts, long legs built for speed and agility, strong jaws and keen minds.)
Class: Sentient
Partner: Rye
Current Location: Amaranth Forest.
Strengths: Speed, agility, trickery, stealth.
Weaknesses: Small spaces (combat)
Likes: A challenge, trickery, mysteries, elusive prey, night time stalking.
Dislikes: Seeing his family or visiting home, being surprised
Habits: Toying with his prey.

Occupation: Elite Hunter
Origin: King’s Oasis
Parents: (Names TBD) Achilles’ mother and father are both very regal figures, living the rich life. He may have been born into a family with riches, but he wasn’t the snobby type. He strives to be his own individual, and not be defined by his lineage. He is hard working and persistent, he never gives up on his dreams and goals.
Siblings: He has a sister, but doesn’t speak to her generally, as she was the favorite back home where he was raised. He holds some sort of resentment for his family because of this.

Lore: Achilles is a tall, lanky cheetah, who lives on the outskirts of Amaranth, often wandering into “the plains of the dead” which is a vast desert like wasteland that surrounds the forest Amaranth. “King’s Oasis” is located within “the plains of the dead”, thus the “Oasis” part. “King’s Oasis” is a fairly large area of fertile land and clean water lakes.


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