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Working on profiles for the following characters:  

  • Ganymede
  • Andromeda
  • Rye’s Mother, she is an agile, “skinny” looking beast, with a shorter brilliantly orange colored coat.  She is fast, strong, and stealthy.
  • Rye’s Father, he is more muscular with long, dark fur.  His fur is longest where a lion’s mane would be, but is not “short” anywhere but on his face and paws.

For sure going to have these characters in my story, but I am still putting together profiles for them. I may also include the following characters:

I am not sure of how I will incorporate them into the novel, but I would like to use them in some way if possible. Everything is subject to change.—————————–

Please be kind and do not take my ideas for your own, I am working hard to create all of this and it would be a shame for someone to rip me off just because I am trying to show my process and have a portfolio website. Believe me, it is more fun to create something that YOU thought of, rather than taking something from someone else that they worked hard to think of and create. I hate having to put disclaimers like this on my art and my website, but sadly things like this do happen, and I’d like to avoid that.