Please select the “my art” tab for examples of what I can do!  For additional information or questions, please use the “contact” tab where you will find my contact form.

Please first read this document, making sure to read carefully before filling out my art request form below

Commissions are OPEN!

If you are interested in commissioning me, please use this form.

Please if you are able to, make an attempt to provide me with a reference picture for any character you might have me draw.  It can be drawn in MS Paint (or Mac equivalent), I don’t care.  Please consult this guide for examples of what I mean.

If you have any other materials that will help me to more accurately complete your piece, like photographs, previous commissions, paintings, or anything like that… please do link them to me!

I am open to most anything as an art subject or style, but these are some of the things I enjoy doing most:

  • Animals
  • Fantasy Creatures
  • Reference Sheets
  • Cartoon Style Characters
  • Simple paintings (experimental)
  • Regular Illustrations

I have a lot less experience drawing humans, and humanoid anatomy, so results may vary if you request a subject like that.