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Lately I’ve been determined to hone my skills, and to work on my novel more steadily.  I am kind of double tasking, working on a species type of thing for my head world, and also learning more about anatomy and drawing it more accurately.  I’ll have to post some of my sketches here at some…

Character Development

This is my current development of my character Rye… Trying to figure out a solid anatomy for her.  I like both of these, but then again, I’d like to also add a little more canine to her?  Like in the legs, but without taking too much of the muscled tiger leg out, either.

2013 Art Progression

Just a compilation of art from this year.  I always end up not having a few months when I do these compilations, I don’t know how I don’t have art from those months, because I for sure was drawing every day (give or take a day or two).  Whatever, though, here it is.  I have…

Site Update

Currently working on the “Graphic Novel” tab here.  I’m adding pages to explain different concepts of the novel, including character profiles, location profiles, species proles, and more!  Stay tuned I will add things as they come along.  The novel is coming along, this is really satisfying! Keep an eye out for new content! Thanks for…


After nearly 7 years, I have finally found a body type that I like for her.  I have always struggled in drawing her in a consistent style and body type… I hope to be able to do that now.  At least I have a reference of the body type I like her at now.  Enjoy!…

Big Orange Beast

Something new!  I really enjoyed drawing this one.  No reference used.  Just doodled it yesterday while watching YouTube, and finished it off today!

Brainstorm 1

Long post, so click the below link for the full post. Just a long list of different possible concepts for my novel, mainly links to photos and short descriptions on some. I may add in some more, but I wanted to get this published!  I’ve had this in draft form for a while now….

Happy (late!!) Halloween!

I guess I posted this everywhere else on Halloween but here! So Happy late Halloween!


Some concepts for my novel, drawn in Mischief.


New art!  I started working on this towards the end of last month, and have been working on and off with it since then.