Long post, so click the below link for the full post. Just a long list of different possible concepts for my novel, mainly links to photos and short descriptions on some. I may add in some more, but I wanted to get this published!  I've had this in draft form for a while now. landscapes (Link) - Semi-forested wasteland. At the edges of the "wasteland" areas, perhaps a virus or disaster struck in these areas causing this sort of desolation. (Link) - Desert / mountain wasteland. Another edge, or other piece, of one of the wasteland areas, near mountain areas. Sometimes the mountains signal the end of the wastes, but may also present more rugged, unforgiving land. (Link) - Lakeside. A more productive biome, lakes and forested areas. (Link) - Abandoned Tracks, reclaimed by nature. Evidence of technology from other/old/extinct(?) races, long reclaimed by nature after their creators have long faded away. (Link) - Large mountain ranges (Link) - Main forested area (Link) - Tree pathway (Link) - Green lush forest (Link) - Mossy treed area (Link) - Misty tree area (Link) - Brambly area (Link) - Foggy trees (Link) - Yellow tree path (Link) - Tree path (Link) - Big tree (Link) - Quiet river, trees (Link) - Snowy forest (Link) - River and green forest (Link) - Beautiful forest area (Link) - Forest pathin (Link) - Rocky forest, sun (Link) - Redwood forested area (Link) - Beautiful fog forest (Link) - Tree characters Some of these will be straight up what they say they are, others might be hybridized with others. For instance, I am not sure if I want to (Link) (2) (3) (4) (5)- Male Lion (Link) (2) - Female Hyena (Link) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)- Cheetah   plantsanimals (Link) - Mushrooms concepts(Stuff)