Month: November 2013

Big Orange Beast

Something new!  I really enjoyed drawing this one.  No reference used.  Just doodled it yesterday while watching YouTube, and finished it off today!


This is a character I originally created in 2010, and am just now getting a chance to re-draw and revamp.  He’s basically a clouded leopard, with some traits I threw in to make him more interesting, and to add to his story line.  He will ideally be part of my novel, along with some characters…

Something different.

An old character I pretty much overhauled short of his name.  Originally, he was created when a friend of mine was writing/drawing a graphic novel type thing, and I had created him as one of the characters.  Now he’s just one of my characters, and completely different aside from also being a cheetah named Achilles. …


More character work, this time it’s Finch, aka Finny.  He is companion to my character, Crow.

On a roll!

New art, new art!  I am having an avalanche of new art, it seems!  This is my character, Crow!  I’ve had her for quite a while, too!  I’m not sure exactly when I first started drawing her, that’s something I need to look into, but it’s gotta be several years by now!

Brainstorm 1

Long post, so click the below link for the full post. Just a long list of different possible concepts for my novel, mainly links to photos and short descriptions on some. I may add in some more, but I wanted to get this published!  I’ve had this in draft form for a while now….

A fresh reference for an old character

I still have trouble drawing just one body type for this character. She has been around for over 6 years now. She’ll be 7 in January! One day I will get a solid concept down for her. But for now, have this! (: I’m pretty happy with the result.

Happy (late!!) Halloween!

I guess I posted this everywhere else on Halloween but here! So Happy late Halloween!